About the Book

As a baby & parenting magazine editor, I am quite accustomed to writing articles for new parents and parents-to-be. I have also been an editor for a health magazine, as well as a ghost-writer for a couple of locally-published books. I told myself that I would only go ahead and write this book if I was sure that it would make a difference in the lives of others. And I honestly think it will.

It was one thing to read about others who have gone through cancer – their experiences, their pain and sometimes even, their deaths, but it’s a whole different ball game to be diagnosed with what’s easily known as the most life-threatening one among women, i.e cancer of the cervix. I can still recall the moment I walked up to Andy, my boyfriend who was waiting outside the doctor’s office, and told him the news. He just stared at me, as if I just told him a bad joke. He was still staring at me as I walked on to the room where my blood was to be drawn for further tests. I am deeply indebted to this man, as from that moment on, he never really left my side. And he’s still by my side today, cheering me on in everything I do, even in writing this book.

Just so you know, if you’ve picked up this book, there might be some important stuff in here that may help you in your own journey with cancer, or, prevent you from the worst that may occur. Or, perhaps you may know of someone who may need this as an inspiration to keep going? So, thank you in advance for joining me on this journey. Cheers!