Cindy Antoinette Fernandez was not without fear or doubt when she realized she was knocking on death’s door. However, she decided to not be overcome by her diagnosis, and instead, walk the talk as a health magazine editor and turn the tables on her biggest, most outstanding obstacle: her own mind. She was adamant that if she achieved that, the rest will follow. Cindy went on to prove herself right, and decided to not just keep this success to herself when countless people out there also need hope.

In here, she reveals a simple healing plan she drafted out for herself when she was at her worst during her fight with cancer. These guidelines can be followed as is, or tweaked to one’s own needs, or even preferences — as long as certain crucial pointers are observed and carried out

“There are no miracles involved here. The real miracle is inside us all. There is no reason why I can and someone else can’t. I simply refuse to believe it.” —Author